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Terms & Conditions

These terms and rules will take effect from May 14, 2019. All previous terms and rules have been cancelled. A. Introduction 1. If the customer uses, visits and/or enters any part of the platform website or mobile application (including but not limited to subdomains, source code and/or website API, whether visible or not) or we own Or any other website or application operated by it (collectively referred to as the "website") and/or registration on the website will be deemed to have agreed to be subject to: (i) these terms and rules; (ii) our privacy policy; (iii) ) Our Cookies Policy; and (iv) the rules of our betting or gaming products mentioned in the second paragraph below (totally referred to as "Terms"), and are deemed to accept and understand all terms. Please read the terms carefully. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use, access or enter any part of the website (including but not limited to subdomains, source code and/or website API, whether visible or not).The terms also apply to all phone bets and bets or games made via mobile devices, including software that can be downloaded to mobile devices (where reference to your use of the website is equivalent to reference to your betting on our phone and/or mobile Use of equipment betting services). 2. When you play any game or bet through the website, you will be deemed to accept and agree to be bound by the rules, which apply to the corresponding products on the website. 3. For many reasons (including compliance with applicable laws, regulations and regulatory requirements), we may need to change these terms and rules from time to time. All changes will be posted on the website. The recently updated terms can be viewed on our website.If any changes to the terms are unacceptable to you, you should stop using the website and/or close your account. However, if you continue to use the website after the changes to these terms and rules take effect, you will be deemed to have accepted these changes. 4. When referring to "you", "your" or "customer", it refers to anyone who uses the website or the services of platform, and/or any customer registered with platform. 5. You may know that accessing and/or using the website (including any or all of the products on the website) may be illegal in some countries (for example, the United States). You are responsible for ensuring that your access and/or use of the website comply with relevant applicable laws in your jurisdiction, and you are responsible for guaranteeing us that gambling is not illegal in your place of residence. 6. platform is committed to providing the best customer service. As part of this commitment, platform supports gambling responsibility. For more details, please click here. Although platform will do its best to implement its gambling responsibility policy, if the customer continues to gamble and/or uses the website for the purpose of deliberately evading existing related measures and/or platform is unable to implement its related measures due to uncontrollable reasons /Policy, platform will not assume any responsibility or obligation. B. Your platform account 1. Application 1.1 All applicants must be over 18 years old and have legal capacity before betting or registering on platform. At the same time, platform reserves the right to require customers to provide proof of their age and to freeze customer accounts before relevant data is provided. platform will seriously deal with underage gambling and restrained gambling (for more details, please click here). 1.2 All information provided when registering on the website must be your own information and be accurate and complete in all aspects. If the requirements are not met, we reserve the right to freeze the account and treat any deposit in the gaming account as invalid (and the winnings generated by the deposit will also be deemed invalid).When the account is frozen, the corresponding customer should contact us. 1.3 platform may confirm the customer's address by mailing a verification letter. The content of the letter can include terms manuals, leaflets, and telephone betting cards. The content of all correspondence will be handled with care, and no information mentioning platform will be displayed on the envelope. When the verification letter is sent, all offers and withdrawal applications will be in a pending state until the address is confirmed to be correct. 1.4 By accepting the terms and/or registering to use the website, you hereby agree that, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and/or the requirements of relevant regulatory agencies, and for the use of the website and our other products, we have the right to carry out any or All related identification, credit and other aspects of verification. You will be deemed to agree to provide all information related to such verification. We have the right to freeze or restrict your account through any means we deem appropriate until the relevant verification is successfully passed. 1.5 As part of the registration process, we may provide your information to authorized credit reference agencies in order to confirm your identity and payment card information. You will be deemed to agree to our processing of such information regarding your registration. 1.6 Each customer can only open one account. If we find that a customer has opened more than one account, we have the right to treat these accounts as a joint account. 1.7 The customer is responsible for providing the company with the latest personal information. Personal information and your account information can be modified on the website. If you need any help, please contact us. 2. Account information 2.1 When registering at platform, customers can choose their account username/password combination, or set a 4-digit simple password for accessing the platform application on their mobile device. Customers must keep such information confidential, because you are responsible for all bets and any other activities in your account. 2.2 If there are enough funds in the account, and your username and password have been entered correctly or your account has been accessed through Touch ID, fingerprint login, Face ID, simple password or the "keep logged in" function (regardless of whether it has been Your authorization), the bet is established. 2.3 If at any time you believe that another third party knows your username, password and/or simple password, you should immediately change it through the website. If you forget some or all of the information, please contact us. 2.4 If you have activated Touch ID, fingerprint login, Face ID, simple password and/or "keep logged in" function and feel that a third party may access your account through one of these methods, you should immediately log in on all devices Disable Touch ID, fingerprint login, Face ID, simple password and/or "keep logged in" functions, and contact us at the same time. You are responsible for the security of your device, all bets in your account and any other activities. 2.5 For bets made by telephone, as long as your name and account number or name and user name are provided correctly (regardless of your authorization), you are responsible for all transactions. If you designate another person as an authorized user of your account, you will be responsible for all transactions made by that person using relevant account information. If you have lost your account information or think that someone else has your account information, please contact us. 2.6 Please note: Regarding cardholder information and any other sensitive data, please do not send it to us in unencrypted email. 2.7 Once you log in to your account through the website, you can view the current balance and transaction history at any time. 3. Personal data 3.1 For the personal information provided by customers, we will comply with applicable information protection laws (including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the UK's 2018 Data Protection Act, and Gibraltar's 2004 data Protection law). Customer's personal information will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy, please click here for the privacy policy. 4. Account freeze and closure 4.1 If you want to close your account, please contact us.Any negative balance in your account needs to be paid to platform immediately, and the account can be closed after the corresponding debts are fully paid. 4.2 platform reserves the right to close or freeze your account at any time and for any reason. Without prejudice to the validity of the preceding sentence, platform has the right to close or freeze your account if: (a) you are bankrupt; (b) platform believes that you are using the website fraudulently or Use the website for illegal or improper purposes; (c) platform believes that you are unfair/deliberately deceiving/using platform or any of its customers’ behavior/using your account to benefit from the first Three parties; (d) platform is required to do so by the police, any regulatory agency or court; (e) platform believes that any of the situations mentioned in (a) to (c) above may have occurred or will be Occurs; or (f) Your account is considered a dormant account, and the account balance is 0 or has been emptied (according to paragraph B.5.1 below). 4.3 If platform closes or freezes your account for any of the reasons mentioned in (a) to (e) above, you shall bear any and all claims, losses, debts, damages, damages Costs and expenses (collectively referred to as "claims"), and platform shall be compensated for such claims.Under the circumstances mentioned in (a) to (e) above, platform has the right to withhold and/or retain any and all amounts that should have been paid to you (including any winnings, betting credits or bonuses). 5. Dormant accounts 5.1 platform charges management fees for all accounts that have been in an "inactive state" (at least 365 days) for a continuous period of time. The specific operations are as follows. Accounts deemed "inactive" during any period of time will not involve any of the following operations: (i) successful deposit; (ii) sports betting; or (iii) participation in any casino, poker, game or Vega Products. (a) Once your account remains "inactive" for 365 consecutive days, your account will be treated as a "dormant account". If your account balance is 0, the account will be closed and no charges will be imposed cost. (b) If your account is a "dormant account" and there is still a balance in the account, platform will notify you in a reasonable manner based on the information provided when you registered the account (or later updated by you) . (c) If your account remains "dormant" 28 days after platform first tries to contact you, platform will deduct £2 (or currency equivalent) from your account every month ) Or 5% of the balance when your account is identified as a "dormant account", whichever is higher. (d) The management fee will be calculated in accordance with (c) and will be collected after the expiration of the 28-day validity period on the notification date mentioned above, and the same amount will be collected every 28 days until: (i) your account balance After being emptied, the management fee will cease to be collected and the account will be closed; or (ii) you reactivated the account without subsequent management fee collection. 5.2 You can "reactivate" your account in the following ways: (i) make a successful deposit; (ii) make sports betting; or (iii) participate in casinos, playing cards, games or Vegas products . 5.3 You can contact our customer service department to apply for a refund of the management fee. C. Your funds 1. Deposit and betting 1.1 Customers can only use the cleared funds in the account to place bets. If there is insufficient funds, customers must deposit before betting or participating in the game. For more details on how to deposit, withdraw and transfer, please visit Deposit/Withdraw. 1.2 You should deposit to your account only for the purpose of betting on the website. If we believe or have reason to believe that your deposit is not for betting purposes, we have the right to freeze or close your account. In this case, we will also report to relevant departments. 1.3 For payment methods that require a specific account holder, the funds you deposit into the gaming account can only come from the relevant account under your name. If platform recognizes that the account holder's name is inconsistent with that held by platform, we reserve the right to treat any money deposited into the gaming account as invalid (and any winnings generated by this deposit are invalid). 1.4 If we go bankrupt, all customers who deposit with our company will be protected, because customer deposits are deposited into the customer's designated account through our bank, which is separate from our company's account. 1.5 You agree that we have the right to retain any interest that may accrue from the funds held in your platform account. 1.6 No employee of platform shall provide customers with credit overdraft services, and customers can only place bets when the account funds are sufficient.platform reserves the right to cancel any bets that are accidentally accepted when the account has insufficient funds. If platform adds funds to the client's account by mistake, the client is responsible for notifying us in time. platform will deduct such funds in the form of account adjustments. 1.7 Unless otherwise stated, all examples provided on the website are in British pounds. If the transaction involves currency conversion, the exchange rate will be based on the intermediate exchange rate announced by the Financial Times. The currency options offered are listed in Appendix 1 of the Terms and Rules. 1.8 Once the currency is selected, the customer's subsequent deposits, bets and winnings will be paid in the selected currency. If you need to change the currency used, please contact us. 1.9 You can only use our currency exchange service for the purpose of placing bets through the website (referred to as "authorization purposes"). Except for authorized purposes, the currency exchange service may not be used for any other purposes (including currency hedging, speculative trade or any other currency transactions). If platform believes that you use the website for other purposes (other than authorization purposes), platform has the right to close or freeze your account, and you should: (a) bear any and all claims arising therefrom; And (b) Compensate platform for such claims. 1.10 In addition, platform has the right to withhold and/or retain any and all amounts earned or obtained by you as a result of "unauthorized" use of the website (including activities conducted for unauthorized purposes). 1.11 platform does not charge additional fees for deposits via debit/credit card. However, please note that some bank card issuers classify betting transactions as "cash" payments, so you may be charged a cash advance fee. Please check with your bank card issuer for further details. 2. Withdrawal 2.1 When possible, all withdrawals will be returned to the deposit account, and withdrawals can only be paid to the registered account holder. 2.2 For most payment methods, as long as your betting account has sufficient funds, it can be processed by clicking "Withdrawal" on the website. Although there is no daily maximum withdrawal amount, any value higher than £20,000 or equivalent Currency withdrawals will need to be arranged separately. For details of each payment method, please refer to Deposit/Withdrawal. 2.3 If the customer does not place a full bet on his deposit when withdrawing money, platform will reserve the right to charge a handling fee, which includes all the fees incurred in deposit and withdrawal, and such fees will be in the withdrawal if necessary Deducted from the payment. 3. Others 3.1 If we suffer any refusal to pay or other fees due to your account, we reserve the right to charge you the corresponding fees. 3.2 At any time, we may use the positive balance in your account to offset your arrears in any company in the platform group. 3.3 You are responsible for reporting profits and losses to the taxation and/or other relevant agencies in your jurisdiction. 3.4 Internet gambling may be illegal in your jurisdiction. If this is true, you will not have the right to use your payment card to complete the transaction. However, any accepted bets (whether they win or lose) from such jurisdictions are valid. D. Betting procedure 1. Betting 1.1 platform reserves the sole and absolute right to cancel all or part of any bet at its sole discretion. All bets are at your own risk. 1.2 We only accept online betting (including betting through mobile devices or downloadable software on mobile devices) or telephone bets.Any other forms of betting (post, email, fax, etc.) are not accepted. If we receive a customer's bet, the bet will be invalid regardless of whether it is won or lost. 1.3 Customers are responsible for ensuring that their bets are accurate. Once the bet is completed, the customer cannot cancel it. Customers can only use it to change bets when the "Edit Bet" function is available. platform reserves the right to cancel any bet at any time. 1.4 Your funds will be allocated according to the order of betting and cannot be used for other purposes. platform reserves the right to cancel and/or withdraw any transactions involving (current or retrospective) funds that have been allocated for betting. 2. Betting confirmation 2.1 If your account has insufficient funds, bets will be considered invalid. 2.2 In the case of telephone betting, only after the staff has repeated the details of the bet and confirmed to the customer that the bet has been successfully processed and accepted, the bet can be regarded as a valid "betting confirmation". 2.3 Your bet will only be valid after being accepted by the platform server.Each valid bet will get a unique transaction code. We are not responsible for settlement of bets for which codes have not been issued. If you are not sure whether the bet is valid, please check the history in your account or contact us. 2.4 Despite the above regulations, if the bet is made by credit or debit card, the bet will not be valid until we receive the full payment. If we do not receive payment before the start of the relevant event, bets will automatically be void. 2.5 In response to the above circumstances, once a dispute arises, both the customer and platform agree to use platform betting transaction database as the final basis. 3. Promotion 3.1 Whether it is an individual or a member of a group, if there is any violation of the terms of the offer or promotion, or there is any evidence that a series of bets made by a single customer or a group of customers comes from Additional payments, free bets, risk-free bets, betting credits or any other promotional offers, regardless of the result, as long as the customer obtains a guaranteed profit, platform can claim back the additional payment, free bets, Risk-free bets or bet credits and/or cancellation of any bets made using free bets or bet credits.In addition, if there is evidence that the behavior exists, platform may charge the customer a handling fee (the upper limit of the handling fee is equivalent to the betting credit, free betting, risk-free betting or additional payment) to compensate for the detection of the behavior and the The administrative expenses incurred by the measures taken. 3.2 platform can claim back the bonus amount added by mistake, free bets, betting credits or additional payments. 3.3 Each customer can only enjoy one discount provided by the company. If platform has reason to suspect that the same customer or group of customers has claimed bonuses or offers more than once, platform can withdraw any or all offers from any customer or group of customers at any time, and/or cancel any use of bonuses or offers Bets and winnings resulting from these bets. 3.4 platform may make minor changes to the terms and rules of any discount or promotion at any time to correct typos, improve the clarity of words or improve customer experience, and may cancel any discount or promotion at any time due to legal or regulatory requirements. 4. Settlement and payout 4.1 All bets are subject to the betting range terms (including the maximum winnings) mentioned in Appendix 2 of these terms and rules. 4.2 platform reserves the right to suspend trading and/or cancel any betting at any time. Once the market is suspended, the system will refuse to accept all bets on the market. platform reserves the right to stop the opening of any game without notifying the customer in advance. 4.3 The "return" calculation provided on the website is for reference only, and all bets will be settled based on the accepted odds and bet amount. If an option in the multiple bet is cancelled, the "returned" amount will be reduced accordingly (including the option that was cancelled due to the selection of "Cancel if not played at the start of the match" during the betting). 4.4 If there is a bet item in the customer's multiple bet that the contestant withdraws from the game or the bet is cancelled, the multiple bet will be settled with the remaining bets (including the selection of "If not playing at the start of the match, then cancel ”And was canceled). 4.5 The winnings of all settled bets will be added to your account balance. Any funds/benefits added to customers due to errors shall not be used. platform reserves the right to cancel any transaction involving such funds and/or withdraw the corresponding amount from your account and/or upon or after the error occurs Reverse the transaction. 4.6 platform reserves the right to withhold funds and declare an event betting invalid when: (i) the fairness and fairness of the event is questioned; (ii) the odds or the pot is manipulated; or (iii) The event was manipulated behind the scenes. Evidence of the foregoing will be based on the size, number or pattern of bets made through any or all of our betting channels. The decision made by the relevant agency that supervises the involved sports (if any) will be the final ruling. If the customer advances any funds of platform for any reason, we reserve the right to deduct the funds owed by the customer before making any payment. 4.7 If there is sufficient evidence to prove that a series of bets containing the same option were made by the same or the same group of people, platform has the right to cancel the betting or withhold the returned funds based on the subsequent investigation results. 4.8 For events that have no official start time announced, the announced start time of the event will be regarded as the start time. If for any reason, bets are accidentally accepted after the start of the event or event (except for the live betting indicated on the website), as long as the final result is not known when the bet is placed, and no contestant/team takes any lead ( Such as: scoring, opponent being sent off, etc.), betting still holds. If the result of the event/event has been known, platform reserves the right to cancel bets regardless of winning or losing. Disputes on the time of betting will be handled according to the transaction history. Unless otherwise stated, all times shown on the website and/or mentioned by platform employees are in UK time. 4.9 Ground betting-If we have reason to believe that the betting was placed after the result of the match/activity was known, or after the selected contestant or team took the lead (such as scoring, opponent being sent off, etc.), Regardless of whether you win or lose, we reserve the right to cancel bets. 4.10 If for any reason, we are unable to verify the result of a particular market (for example, due to the loss of live pictures), all bets will be void, unless the settlement of the bets has been determined. 4.11 If the customer's instructions are not clear, platform has the right to divide the amount bet on various possible outcomes. If it cannot be divided, platform reserves the right to cancel the entire bet. In this case, platform's decision is final. E. Website use 1. Website content and use permission and prohibition 1.1 The information or data you access through the website or any part of the website (including but not limited to match results, statistics, sports data and event lists, compensation Rates and betting data) are for your personal use only, and it is strictly forbidden to reprint or use such information or data for commercial purposes. We do not make any guarantees for the results of the uninterrupted provision, accuracy or use of such information or data. Such information is for reference only and should not be regarded as advice or recommendation. You cannot rely on such information when placing bets, and the risk of placing bets is at your own risk. 1.2 It is strictly prohibited to use or utilize all or part of the website, website information or data (including but not limited to match results, statistics, sports data and event lists, odds and betting data) for commercial purposes, as well as the website and / Or any other information or data in its original code. 1.3 It is strictly prohibited for any purpose to use automated systems or software to copy and/or extract all or part of the website, website information or data (including but not limited to match results, statistics, sports data and event lists, odds and Betting data), and any other information or data contained on the website or part of the website and/or its original code (referred to as "screen scraping"). 2. Your device 2.1 Your computer device or mobile device and network connection may affect the performance and/or operation of the website. platform cannot guarantee that the website can operate accurately and without errors, or that the services provided by platform will not be disturbed in any way. {Name} shall not be liable for any failures or problems caused by your own equipment, network connection or network/communication service provider (for example: you cannot bet or cannot view or receive information about a specific event) . 2.2 For customers who use "platform on the move" (including downloading software) betting products to place bets, platform will not be responsible for any damage to mobile devices or data loss caused by the customer’s installation of software. Nor will it be responsible for the call, data or other costs incurred by using the software. 2.3 Click here to get more information about website usage requirements and technical issues. 3. Fair use 3.1 Customers can only use the website and platform products for the purpose of placing bets on sports events and/or game products. 3.2 You must not use the website for the benefit of a third party, or for any illegal, defamatory, abusive or obscene purpose (what platform considers), and you must not use the website to discriminate, deceive, or otherwise Honest or improper behavior. 3.3 If the customer engages in deceptive, dishonest or illegal behavior when using the website or platform products, platform will seek the help of all criminal and contractual legal sanctions. Any client whose funds fall into this category or whose funds are suspected of benefiting from a third party will be detained by platform. All direct or indirect claims (see the definition in 4.3 of paragraph B above) caused by the customer's deceit, dishonesty or illegal behavior will be borne by the customer, and the customer will be responsible for compensating platform as required. 4. Software and technical issues 4.1 In order to be able to use some products provided on the website, you may need to download some software (for example: casino games that require the use of a Flash player).In addition, some third-party product suppliers may require you to agree to additional terms and rules for using their products. If you do not accept these third-party terms and rules, please do not use related third-party software. platform does not accept any liability arising from third-party software. 4.2 You are only allowed to use any and all software provided to you through the website for the purpose of using the products on the website. 4.3 According to the following provisions, we hereby grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use related software, but the purpose is limited to the use of products on the website (including online casinos). (a) You must not: (i) install or load the software on a server or other networked devices, or take other measures to make the software available from any form of "forums", online services, Obtained from remote dial-up or network; (ii) To sublicense, transfer, rent, lease, lend, transfer or copy your right to use the software (unless otherwise specified in these terms and rules), or make or distribute the software (Iii) Enter, access or attempt to enter or access or otherwise bypass the platform security system, or intervene in related products or websites in any way (including but not limited to crawlers or similar devices), or attempt to Make any changes to the software and/or any of its features or components; or (iv) copy or translate any user documentation provided online or in electronic format.In addition, unless approved by applicable laws related to the calculator program (including the purpose expressly permitted by Article 296A(1) or Article 50(B)2 of the Copyright, Design and Patent Act 1988), you may not: (a) Perform the software Translation, reverse engineering, reverse assembly, reverse assembly, modification, or creation of derivative works based on software, or modification of software in other forms; or (b) reverse engineering, reverse assembly, reverse assembly, Modify, adapt, translate or make any attempt to discover the original code of the software, or create derivative works based on the whole or any part of the software. (b) You do not own the ownership of the software. The software is owned by platform or a third-party software provider ("software provider") and is its exclusive property.Any software and related files that platform has been licensed to use are the property of the software provider and are protected by copyright laws worldwide. Your use of the software does not make you own any intellectual property rights in the software. (c) The provision of the software will follow the "as is" principle without any guarantees, conditions, promises or statements, whether express or implied, written or otherwise. platform hereby excludes all implied terms, conditions and warranties (including any merchantability, warranty, suitability for any specific purpose, etc.). platform does not guarantee that: (i) the software will meet your needs; (ii) the software will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party; (iii) the software will run without errors or interruptions; (iv) in the software Any deficiencies will be corrected; or (v) the software or server can prevent virus attacks. (d) If there is a communication or system failure related to setting up an account or other performance or components of the software, neither platform nor the software provider will be liable to you or any third party for such failure. platform reserves the right to remove all related products from the website and take any other measures in the event of such failures. (e) You hereby acknowledge that how you use the software is not under the control of platform. You are at your own risk when downloading and using the software. platform will not be liable to you or any third party for your receipt and/or use of the software. (f) The software may contain confidential information that is secret and valuable to the software provider and/or platform. Except in strict accordance with these terms and rules, you have no right to use or disclose this confidential information. 4.4 Although platform does its best to ensure that the website provides 24-hour service, if the website is unavailable at any time or time period for any reason, platform is not responsible. We reserve the right to change or correct, modify, suspend or terminate the website and its content, services or products (including your right to access the website). 4.5 You cannot abuse the website by introducing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs or other malicious or technically harmful content. In particular, you must not unauthorized access, interfere with, destroy or disrupt the website or any part of the website; any device or network that stores the website; any software used when providing the website; or any device, software, or device owned or used by a third party website. You cannot use distributed denial of service attacks to attack our website.We will not deal with any content that is caused by distributed denial of service attacks, viruses, or other technically harmful content (may infect your computer device, Assume any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by calculator programs, data or other proprietary content). 5. Third-party content 5.1 platform receives feeds, comments and content from many vendors. Some third-party product providers may require you to agree to additional terms and rules to use their feeds, comments, and content. If you do not accept the relevant third-party terms and rules, please do not use relevant feeds, comments and content. 5.2 platform does not accept any liability arising from any third-party feeds, comments and content. 5.3 The end user terms and rules for using Racing TV feeds, comments, and content are in Appendix 3 of these terms and rules. 5.4 platform does not allow any of its employees, anyone related to its employees, or any other party related to third-party service providers (at the absolute discretion of platform) to provide third-party services Place bets on any market or event where platform is served by the dealer.If such bets have already occurred, platform will cancel any bets at its absolute discretion. 5.5 If the website contains links to third-party websites and resources, these links are for reference only. platform has no control over the content of these websites or resources, and therefore is not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused by them or your use. The inclusion of a link to a third-party website does not constitute an endorsement of the third-party website, product or service (if applicable). 6. Errors 6.1 platform is not responsible for any errors related to betting, including: (i) platform shows the relevant odds/handicap/total points/end betting/editing bet amount with obvious errors ; (Ii) platform accepts betting after the market is closed or suspended; (iii) platform miscalculates or pays the settlement amount, including the use of the "end betting" function to obtain full settlement; or chooses when placing a bet The betting on "Cancel if not played at the start of the match" is cancelled by mistake; or (iv) any error in the random number generator or paytable included or used in any game or product. 6.2 Wrong odds-If there is an obvious error before, during, or after the event, all bets will still be established and will be settled according to the changed odds of platform. If the revised odds are deemed to be less than 1.001, bets will be considered void. If there is enough time before the start of the game, platform will try to contact the customer and reserve the absolute discretion to allow the customer to cancel the corresponding bet. 6.3 Wrong Count/bet line/spread/handicap/total points-If there is an obvious error before, during or after the event, all bets will still be established, and Settlement will be based on platform’s changed Count, betting set, spread, handicap or total score, except for the following cases: i) If the modified odds are deemed to be less than 1.001, The bet will be considered void. ii) Any bet on Count, Betting Line, Spread, Handicap or Total Line, if the result of the bet is known at the time of the bet, the bet will be considered void. 6.4 Wrong "end bet" or "edit bet" amount-before the start, during or after the event, all have been closed by the customer or edited using the "edit bet" function, but "end bet" Or bets with incorrect amounts in the "Edit Bet" (due to potential errors in the odds) will still be valid and will be settled again with the correct amount. If a bet ends early with an incorrect result, the bet will then be settled again according to the correct result. 6.5 Wrong Cancellation-When placing a bet, you selected "Cancel if you did not play at the start of the match" (only for the scoring player market). If the selected player does play at the start of the match, the bet will be wrong If cancelled, the original bet is still established and will be settled again according to the correct result. 6.6 If there is enough time before the start of the game, platform will try its best to contact the customer and reserve the absolute discretion to allow the customer to cancel the corresponding bet. 6.7 Wrong event-If an incorrect player or team is reported in a sporting event, all bets will be considered void, and platform has absolute discretion in this regard. 6.8 Wrong Handicap-If an incorrect handicap is quoted in any game or event, bets on that handicap will be void; other markets may also be considered invalid and platform will do so Have unilateral absolute discretion. 6.9 Delayed betting-If, for any reason, pre-match bets are unintentionally accepted after the start of the match or event, the relevant bets will be settled as follows: i) If the event and market include a move, the bet will be placed as the bet The odds at the time of change will still hold (if the odds are deemed to be lower than 1.001 after the change, then bets will be void), unless the result is clear, bets in this case will be considered void. ii) If the event or handicap does not include a move, the bet is still valid as long as the selected participant or team does not obtain a substantial advantage (such as: points, opponents sent off, etc.). However, if a substantial advantage has emerged, platform reserves the right to cancel the bet regardless of whether the bet is won or lost. Any bets on which the result of the match has been clear (including going to the site) will be considered invalid. 6.10 Obvious error-maximum payout-If there is an obvious error in the bet and the changed odds, the maximum payout that can be won for the bet is £10,000, unless the expected payout of the original bet is higher than £10,000. In this case, the estimated maximum "winning" amount bet based on the changed odds will be equal to the original maximum "winning" bet, and any excess betting will be invalid. 7. Other 7.1 platform actively monitors the traffic to and from its website. platform reserves the absolute discretion to block access to the website when it discovers automated or robotic activity. 7.2 According to certain jurisdictions, platform reserves the right to restrict access to all or some parts of the website. 7.3 platform may modify or correct the products provided on the website at any time for any reason. 7.4 All or part of the content of the website may not be available to you at any time due to our maintenance of the website and/or modification or correction of any website products. F. Our responsibility 1. platform shall not be liable for any damage and loss (deemed or alleged) caused by the website or its content (including delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, Data loss or damage, communication or line failure, abuse of the website or its content by anyone, any errors or omissions in the content). 2. Although platform continuously strives to ensure the accuracy of the website information, it does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the website information. The website may contain misplanted or other inaccurate or outdated information. platform has no obligation to update such information. The provision of website information will follow the "as is" principle without any conditions, guarantees or other terms. Therefore, to the maximum extent permitted by law, platform provides you with a website based on the following principles: platform excludes all statements, express or implied warranties and conditions that may be valid for the website (except for these terms and rules) And other terms. 3. According to these terms and rules, all liabilities of platform to you shall not exceed: (a) the amount of bets you have made through your account (for related bets or products that cause related liabilities); and (b) The amount of corresponding funds (if such funds are improperly disposed of by us). (c) £10,000 (for any other liability). 4. Whether in contract, tort (including negligence), violation of statutory law or any other aspect, platform shall not be liable for the following conditions (whether directly or indirectly): (a) loss of profits; (b) loss of business; (c) loss of income; (d) loss of opportunity; (e) loss of data; (f) loss of goodwill or reputation; or (g) Any special, indirect or subsequent losses, regardless of whether such losses have been taken into consideration by the parties at the date of these terms and rules. 5. Nothing in Part F should limit platform’s liability for paying out bonuses or other amounts to customers, and it must follow the terms and rules here and the maximum bonuses of the product in Appendix II. 6. Nothing in these terms and rules can exempt or limit platform’s liability if the following occurs: (i) death or personal injury caused by platform’s negligence; (ii) fraud Or fraudulent misrepresentation; or (iii) any liability that cannot be exempted or limited by applicable law. G. Our Intellectual Property 1. The content of the website is protected by international copyright laws and other intellectual property rights. platform, its partners or other third-party licensors enjoy the above rights. 2. All product, company names and logos mentioned on the website are trademarks, service marks or trade names of the respective owners (including platform). 3. Except for the use of products for betting purposes, any part of the website shall not be reproduced or stored, modified, copied, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way or through We have prior express written consent to be included in any other website or any public or private electronic retrieval system or service (including text, graphics, video, messages, code and/or software). 4. If you use a feature that allows you to upload materials, information, comments, posts or other content ("User Content") to the website, this "User Content" will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary At the same time, platform has the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose any such "user content" to third parties for any purpose.If any third party claims that any "user content" you post or upload on the website constitutes an infringement of its intellectual property rights or privacy rights, platform also has the right to disclose your identity to these third parties. platform has the right to remove, correct or edit any "user content" you post on the website. 5. Any commercial use or development of the website or its content is strictly prohibited. H. Other terms 1. These terms and rules, privacy policy, Cookies policy, rules, any explicitly mentioned documents, any guidelines or rules posted on the website, together constitute the entire agreement and the relationship between the parties Understand and supersede the previous agreement between the parties on the subject of these terms and rules. You acknowledge and agree, sign and accept these terms and rules, privacy policy, Cookies policy, rules, any explicitly mentioned documents, and any guidelines or rules posted on the website, which means that you cannot rely on or enjoy the rights to anyone ( Any statement, representation, guarantee, understanding, promise or guarantee (whether caused by negligence or unintentional) legal remedy, whether or not a party to this agreement, unless expressly provided in these terms and rules.This clause shall not be used to limit or exempt any liability arising from fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. 2. In any case, any delay, failure or omission (in whole or in part) in the execution, exercise or request of these terms and rules or any rights, powers, privileges, claims or legal remedies granted or generated by the law It shall not be regarded or interpreted as a waiver of any other rights, powers, privileges, claims or legal remedies in the above or any of the above circumstances, or any other rights, powers, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, rights, and other Enforcement of privileges, claims or legal remedies. 3. The rights and legal remedies provided in these terms and rules are cumulative, and (unless otherwise provided in these terms and rules) do not exclude any other rights or remedies in the law. 4. If any provision of these terms and rules is deemed invalid or unenforceable by any court or administrative agency in a legally qualified jurisdiction, the invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions of these terms and rules Full legal effect. 5. You should fulfill your obligation to fill out and sign all documents and meet the requirements of platform through these terms and rules, so that platform can benefit from these terms and rules, protect and enforce these terms and rules, and Let it be fully effective. 6. These terms and rules cannot establish or be regarded as the establishment of cooperation, joint venture or agency relationship between the parties. At the same time, unless expressly stated otherwise in these terms and rules, no party has the right to bind any other party in any way. 7. platform must not violate these terms and rules, if platform delays or fails to perform its obligations, and the delay or failure to perform is caused by the event itself or by reasons or circumstances outside the control of platform, {Name} shall not be liable for this. These uncontrollable reasons or circumstances include (but are not limited to) any telecommunication network failure, power outage, third-party computer hardware or software failure, fire, lightning, explosion, flood, severe weather, Industrial disputes or work stoppages, terrorist activities, and actions by governments or other authorities. In this case, the performance time should be extended, and the extended time is equivalent to the time when the performance of the obligation is delayed or cannot be performed. 8. platform may assign, transfer, charge, sub-authorize or deal with these terms and rules in any other way, or subcontract any rights and obligations in these terms and rules to members of the platform group Any company. 9. Under these terms and rules, any notice must be given in written English and can be delivered by hand, first-class mail, record delivery, registered mail, air mail, e-mail or fax to: (a ) For platform, the relevant platform company address listed at the beginning of these terms and rules or as shown on the website; and (b) For platform’s notice to you, follow customer registration procedures (including Any data changes that you have notified platform). Any notice is deemed to have been received on the basis: (a) if it is delivered by hand, at the time of delivery; (b) if it is delivered by first-class mail, record delivery, or registered mail, the second after the day of mailing 9:30 am (GMT) on the full day; (c) if it is sent by prepaid registered air mail, at 9:30 am (GMT) on the fifth full day after the day of the post; (d) if sent by e-mail , When sending; and (e) If sending by fax, when sending by the sender. 10. The appendices, privacy policy, cookies policy, rules, any explicitly mentioned documents, any guidelines or rules posted on the website are an integral part of these terms and rules, and are the subject of these terms and rules Part is equally effective. If there is any inconsistency between the subject and these terms and the rules, appendices, privacy policy, cookies policy, rules and/or any documents explicitly mentioned therein, any guidelines or rules posted on the website, unless otherwise stated, the subject Prevail. I. Complaints, disputes, applicable law and jurisdiction 1. If any claims or disputes arise from past or current transactions, please contact us. If platform is unable to resolve the dispute, either party has the right to transfer the relevant dispute to an arbitration institution, such as Independent Gaming Arbitration Service (IBAS). In the case where all parties to the dispute have full representatives, IBAS will make a final ruling ( Unless there is an obvious error). Unless platform does not follow the arbitration decision, any dispute over betting will not result in litigation, legal measures or the revocation of gaming licenses or permits (including any remote operator's license or personal license).

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